Is This Thing On?

I am the one who is excited to see what this experience will bring me! I’m thrilled at the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the state who share my interests and are also dedicated to making a change in our communities.

I am here because I’m passionate about the social and economic issues plaguing our world today, and I believe that young people are the solution. I’m excited to learn from my peers and get more context for what matters to me and others my age.

I wonder what the direction I take will be. I’m interested in so many topics that I know I will have a difficult time narrowing my focus. Also, this would be my first time creating a film or other multimedia work to take action on my values. Prior to this, my form of resistance is just being myself and being informed, but now I actually will have the resources to take action.

Sophia Venturo

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  • Sophia, welcome to WTS and to this site where I hope give you fertile ground to consider possible topics to go forward with. If you are thinking of many, consider how you can see and be seen as an expert on the topic. Often this is done with a shift in vantage. Also, consider what changes you’d promote and whether there seems to be a clear person or people to lobby for that change. Clarity on what to ask for and who to ask is a powerful consideration when choosing a topic.

    I can’t wait to see your initial thoughts and how they evolve.


  • I really like your post, Sophia! You seem to have a brain full of good ideas. I wonder what you will decide to choose as your topic. I noticed that you expressed openness to new ideas and that is awesome!

  • Another idea as you zero in on a topic — look for the framing question, as in, “I’d like to do something about the migrant workers.” Well, what, exactly? What is the framing question you’d most like answered? Maybe it is, “How do they cope with loneliness?” “Why are they here?”

    When I worked on newspapers one of the things we did when we were preparing for a story was to get in a room and identify ALL the questions people had about the idea (and we’d identify ALL the stakeholders). Then we’d decide what the most interesting question was and what the most important question was. It was great when they were the same. But it didn’t always work that way.


  • Ceci Lewis
    5 years ago

    My name is Ceci Lewis and I live on the almost completely diagnonal opposite border from you. I am located in Southeastern Arizona, right along the Mexico/US border. I am excited to see how your resistance will take shape.
    Ceci Lewis

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