#2: Issues of Social Inequality

When I applied for What’s The Story, I believed I wanted to research the healthcare system in Vermont, and figure out ways to make it more accessible and affordable for the entirety of the population. However, after thinking about this topic, and listening to the accounts of other students, my focus has changed. I’m currently more interested in sexism in schools, especially in terms of the dress code and education about LGBTQ+ issues. I would also be interested in researching poverty in Vermont, and finding ways to improve the living situation of struggling individuals. I would be enthusiastic to do a project on any of these three issues, because I believe I could really make a difference. All of these projects would focus on empowering a group of people who are currently at a societal disadvantage, which is really important to achieving social equality.

PC: Evgeniy Isaev

Anna Buteau

4 Responses to “#2: Issues of Social Inequality

  • Erik Remsen
    8 years ago

    Hey Anna,

    My name is Erik Remsen and I am one of the mentor teachers in this program. I’m excited to see that you have several ideas for possible research topics. They all have great potential and you’re right, they all revolve around the idea of equality. As you continue to ponder them, I wonder if you see connections between your possible topics? Might there be a way to connect these different interests of yours? Would you even want them to become intertwined or would that become too bulky as a research project?


    • Hi Erik, thank you for reading my post! I would love to connect these topics somehow, but I’m not sure I could do that and still get into depth about each issue. The sexism that often goes along with dress codes could certainly connect to the sexism and heteronormativity that exists as a lack of education about LGBT issues. People who live in poverty and members of the LGBT community (and honestly, women) fall under the umbrella of “less privilege,” so that could be a connection. However, I really want to thoroughly explore an issue, and I don’t think I could do so sufficiently unless my topic is fairly specific. This definitely made me think about my issues in depth, so thank you!!

  • Anna—

    My name is Brad Blanchette, and I am a new mentor in this program.

    I really like the fact that at the center of your interests is empowering others who are socially on the edge. I have always thought that to empower others is to empower one’s self as well. I mean, how could this be separate? What better power could we wield than to use it for the common good?

    Sure, there are those who use whatever means they have to disempower others, to make others’ lives more miserable in order to profit only themselves. But where does this end (he asked rhetorically)?

    • Hi Brad, thank you for your insight! I hate that the world is so unfair, and I know I can’t make much of a difference in that respect, but I want to try and help in any way I can. Those of us who have privilege can’t just sit back and pretend that marginalized communities don’t exist. I want to do everything in my power to raise awareness about these issues, so we can start to change things.

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