Josie’s First Blog

I am here because I like to write and I hope to improve my writing skills. I am here because my guidance counselor though this would be a good opportunity for me. I am here because the What’s the Story’s website seemed interesting to me, but also made me confused and curious about the program. I am here because I like working in groups and this is a collaborative effort. I am here because this counts as one high school credit for social studies. I am here because I want to study journalism in college. I am here because I like learning about my community and other communities around me. I am here because I want to share my writing. I am here because I want to explore something I am interested in and educate people on it. I am here because I want to find something that I am passionate about.


3 Responses to “Josie’s First Blog

  • Hi Josie,

    I think curiosity and confusion can be a great place to launch into a new experience! You’ve shared a lot of thoughtful reasons why you’re here this year, and I hope that the program will really help you explore these.

    So glad you decided to join, and excited to see you work through the process of finding that something you’re passionate about…

    Thanks for writing,

    Annie Bellerose

  • Things that I notice and wonder

    I notice that you talk about writing as if it is a very big part of your life. I wonder what you want to see changed in the world. I wonder why you are confused. I notice that you have a very good idea about why you are doing What’s the Story? this year.

    Miles Ellis Novotny

  • Josie,

    I love how aspirational this is! Your enthusiasm and desire to share your writing will go a long way towards helping you find, pursue, and share your interests. I look forward to watching your story unfold.


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