Knowing Without Knowing

Another saying for unintentional learning is the unconscious mind speaking the truth. Not knowing, I have learned how to answer my own questions. An example of that would be when I am in my weekly huddle sessions I will ask Eric a question, and while he is telling me what he thinks I will be putting together his words and thinking of my own answer and put them together to get a whole new greater interview question or a new idea that evolves into one grand idea. Sometimes I catch myself asking how my weather is today. I promise you I am not crazy but I think Bill’s question of How is your weather today has become an almost everyday question that I ask myself. Pretty amazing and pretty humorous how that happened.

For intentional I am learning filmmaking and communication skills. Things like learning about the rule of thirds and how to ask interview questions I have learned through all the huddles and big gatherings What’s the Story has been having. A few days ago, I was taking a picture on my sisters’ phone and saw that the rule of thirds grid was showing on her screen. Then after our weekly huddles or our two-day event, I will think of interview questions and ask my family about them or I will practice how to ask the interviewee to see if it is like the videos we were shown.

Nizhoni-bah Martin

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