Learning about WTS

When my teacher introduced me to what’s the story, I had no interest in joining. I remember taking a huge step back from the website and the word activist. In my mind, I had a certain meaning of activist that didn’t match my personality. An activist is someone that wants to change a world problem. I didn’t have anything I wanted to change, I had nothing that affects me at the moment.  Later as I explored what’s the story, I found that had the character to be an activist. What is what the story about? It is a social action team that involves at least eighteen students. We student create a team a social topic. There a story on LGBTQ, Foster Care, Climate change, Dear Daughter, Income Inequality. Those projects involve a lot of writing, filming, communication, interviews and design thinking. I am thinking of using whats the story as my senior year project. This is a two-year program. I have learned how to be a leader within my group. When my group got stuck with the communication piece, I made sure that we came back as a group and reported each individual research. Now that I have known my role within the team, it is easier for me to balance what’s the story with my social school work and personal life. I took a big step into managing my time with What’ the story. I also arranged an interview with a teacher, student, organization, and college directors. I sent out an email to all my school staff, faculty, and teachers. I got fourteen replies telling how they struggled to pay for college. Some of them told me that they really struggle, from there replies I made the decision to interview three teachers. My first teacher interview wasn’t the right interview, he didn’t really struggle for paying for college. I had particular characters in mind that will help make my story successful.

Stephie Siki
I am friendly. I like meeting new people. I enjoy public speaking. I like helping teenagers. My friends will describe me as an outgoing person.

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