Learning Scale Check-In

I really enjoyed the first retreat!  I see myself in the “Got It” area of the Identify & Pursue Questions target.  Even though I didn’t stick with my original topic, my pitch highlighted the importance and urgency.  I explained the basic facts and possible solutions for my topic.  I worked to convey my issue as a topic that should end up as a group.  As we discussed and divided into teams I stayed flexible because all of the issues were very engaging.  In then end, we successfully formed separate teams.

In terms of dividing up the work for the next month or so, we are planning on doing a video chat each Sunday.  We set up the Slack chatroom and a text group so we can communicate about the work that has to be done.  I think that the different platforms will make everyone easy to reach and it will help us get the work finished.  So overall, I am in the “Got It” area too for Manage Learning.  I think that we will be organized.


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