Learning Scale Reflection

I think I’ve reached a 3.5 in Identifying & Pursuing Questions because I was able to pitch the essential components of my story and what I cared about to my teammates: intersectionality, feminism, looking at the different social systems that oppress or give us privilege, and how these social systems interact. My team then came up with ideas about how to gain access to stories like these. We decided to talk to people of different marginalized groups on college campuses about their experiences and perspectives regarding sexual assault and rape culture.


I think the unorthodox learning environment that we will be in for the next few weeks (only being able to communicate through technology) will be a good opportunity for me to manage to learn in untraditional environments. I will continue to pursue independent research to support the project and set up connections to interviews, resources, etc. I will talk to any connections I have to school administrative officials at UVM, anybody with an in at the state house, and connections to potential interviewees.

Zoe Prue

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