LGBTQ+ Mental Health Concerns

I found out that LGBTQ+ Students are twice as likely to feel suicidal and four times more likely to commit suicide. One in every five Transgender students has made a suicide attempt. Transgender students are also four times more likely to be depressed. I find this data upsetting because suicide is one of the leading causes of death in teens, and bullying and harassment for sexuality and gender expression could be playing a huge role in that. I got most of this information from the YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey) data. There was also some useful information from the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

We still need to find people to interview, and I’m waiting on a response to the email I sent to Outright Vermont. I still need to learn to use the technology, which I think will be covered this weekend. I think we really need to regroup and discuss our next steps face to face.

My biggest concern is that we have not yet had a successful hang out with all of our group members. We also have some technical issues that need to be addressed at the retreat. Other than that, I don’t really have and questions. I’m looking forward to this retreat, and I’ll see everyone there.

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