Libby’s Lil Input on Bo-Po!

Hiya! Nice to meet you all–I’m Olivia, but you can call me Libby or Liv—whatever you prefer! I’m currently attending O.V.U.H.S ( Otter Valley Union H.S!! ) as a sophomore. A couple little quirks of mine is an actual fear and disgust of seeds in my food. If I’m eating watermelon and find a seed in it, I’ll feel a strong sensation of nausea. And I’m also super terrified of ants.

Regarding the groups—I’m quite comfy with the generalization—it holds them together and isn’t necessarily /too/ specific. To continue with that statement, I’m actually very interested in the second group— the Body Positive movement. It aligns with the reflection I gave as an application—and has a lot of value and meaning to me as a person—in more than one aspect! 

Some things I could bring to the team would most definitely be positivity and the act of regaining confidence with the work! I consider myself to be a very positive and open-minded person, so with this implemented in the group would be ideal during difficult moments in our work. Along with that, I also have a good work ethic. A necessity I really desire, though, is positivity. Being positive keeps the group moving forward and totally boosts everyone’s confidence! Working together can often generate the best ideas and true colors of those in a group—so individuality should also be respected—but to bond together and confirm would be a huge help—as each individual has wonderful ideas of their own.


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