Listen Up Kids

Listen up kids because I’m about to learn you a thing you ain’t never learned before.

In your normal school environment your English and Social Studies classes go somewhat like this. HERE IS CONTENT, UNDERSTAND IT, WRITE AN ESSAY YOU NERDS. Here at What’s the Story things are run a bit differently. This course is entirely student driven, with the teachers and mentors acting as facilitators and encouragement rather than an authority role. You pick your topic, you pick how you would like to go about it, you choose how you want to present yourself to the world.

The real driver of this course is passion. All the students are here because they care about something, all the teachers are here because they care about the students. To have access to a course that allows you to advocate for the issues you are passionate about, learn things, and propel yourself into the world of film making, is truly a gift.

I have gained so much from this course. I have become a better advocate for my community, I have learned to be more responsible and I have gained many new friends. I started this course as a bit of a failure, I was bad at communicating with my team to the point that we had to stage an intervention. I now feel pretty confident that this will never happen again. This is in the most part do to Bill and Tim, who I would gladly hire to run my life.

Also they give you a whole lot of candy at the retreats so…

And it’s free…

I urge you to apply to this program if the following things apply to you.

  • You have a soul.
  • You care about something at least a little bit
  • You want to inspire change in your community.
  • You have even the tiniest bit of empathy
  • You have passion

On a serious note, this course is amazing and I’m so glad I applied. I urge you to do the same.

Nathan DeGroot

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