Looking at the new year

The past couple of weeks have been mind opening. Between the inauguration and the women’s march, I was so sad on the day of inauguration, because I felt like all my rights were going out the drain, but when I saw the march and so many women fighting for those rights, I almost felt happy, even with the new president in the back of my mind. We finally finished our first short video about gender binary! Although we still have some work do, it’s great start going into the new year. Right now I think my groups main goal is to film interviews, and hopefully editing the interviews that we do have. After meeting up with my group, I think we are at a good point in our project, although we may be a little behind in some aspects of our project. We are still communicating well, but often many of us forget, though there is usually at least one person in the group who remembers and reminds everybody. Our group may need to take a step back, and perhaps look at our goals and revise them, as well as update them, based on were we are on our project.

Photo from USA Today

Grace Darrow

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