Looking Into The Past

In the 1950’s a black man couldn’t walk down the street without getting at least a few looks of disgust or even fear, a women couldn’t have a mans job without be looked down on, and a gay couple couldn’t even think about telling people of their relationship without the fear of being threatened. Almost 70 years later and the world is still that way. Why? Are we arrogant? Prejudice? Biased? What makes it so people have to be afraid to be themselves, to fear showing people who they are? People say we have come so far. Technologies have advanced greatly, and freedom is shining from every dark corner there ever was. But in reality that’s not true. A black man is still feared when he walks down a street. A women cannot be an engineer or NASA scientist without getting a few hateful comments of disapproval. And a gay couple stills hides there relationship because they live in a small town they love, but does not love them back. 70 years. To think we were too stupid to realize the arrogance among our society. Even then, it’s not just arrogance. Because for some reason even the people who realize this catastrophe, do not accept it. Personally, I am a small human being who couldn’t possibly take on such a massive problem, but even realizing it helps me to know that this may not last, if only people were smart enough to help fix this issue that has plagued our world for hundreds of years. By the way, our groups doing pretty well lately.

Grace Darrow

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