Lots and lots of research.

During this research phase of WTS VT, what are some of the most important findings you and your teammates have made so far about your topic? Where did that information or ideas come from and how did it change your thinking. My team and I have found some great websites that have maps and graphs for things like average snowfall rates and ski resorts in Vermont. The information that we have found so far is googled. (Isn’t Google just great, all that information right at your fingertips?). We have also found that certain topics are hard to research like for instance if you googled snowshoeing in Vermont it’s easy to find information about where you can go snowshoeing but it’s hard to find good websites that have information about the activity and its history in Vermont in general. None of the information that we have found has changed my understanding or view of that topic with the exception of fact that the majority of VAST (Vermont Association of Snow Travelers) trails are on private land (which I didn’t know.)

What kind of information or characters does your team still need to find, and what’s your plan for finding what you need? I think my team has quite a lot of research to do before we decide how we want to make our film. I think it would be best if we did as much research as we could so when we are are in the filming process we can look back on our research and have all the information we need right there. I think my teammates and I will continue to research and get to better understand our topic by googling it.

What are your most pressing questions or concerns? My most pressing question right now is how are we going to share our film with the general public (or in my case the skiing community), are we going to put our films on YouTube or are we not going to share them with the public at all. – Alden (:


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