#2: Make your mark locally and globally

I came today thinking more globally than locally, and as of right now I can say that it would be best for me to have a topic that is local. From the time that I started fundraising back in 6th grade, I always thought that not enough people looked at the bigger picture, that being the world in it’s current situation. People seemed to only be concerned in their community, and I wasn’t enthused to help contribute to people with very closed out minds. I was interested with culture, remote community’s and worldwide organizations. After today I see where the people in my community are coming from, I see that they want to create a change, big or small. They are trying to teach the youth to give back, help others and change the world. Like my fellow friend that lives in Nova Scotia said: “Make your mark locally, change the world globally.”



Erin Fishell

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  • What a wise friend you have in Nova Scotia!

    In a way, it’s a false choice, it seems to me, to ask ourselves to choose either local or global interests. I mean, both are compelling. So I admire you for working both angles. But, yes, there is something gratifying and — oh, I don’t know — substantive about putting your efforts behind a change that is close enough to almost touch it.

    And it must be almost always true that persons who eventually change the world in a big way cut their teeth on issues that were more home-grown. (I may be all wet with this; it just seems to make sense.)

    Oh, I do go on! I’ll anxiously await your next entry.


  • Hi Erin!
    I am Petra an 8th grader from Shelburne Community School, I am paired with you to read your blogs! I am so excited to read them, looks like you are still not totally sure what you are going to be doing yet (am I right in assuming that)? Neither am I, and I think we all are still looking into multiple ideas. I like how you are open minded and are just looking to change the world. I think that mindset is a great way to start this program! I hope that once we start continuing the process you will find something that really inspires you, and I bet you can “Make your mark locally, and change the world globally”
    – Petra

  • Erin,
    I really liked what you said here! I can relate to being frustrated and wanting to change EVERYthing all at once. But if we start by changing things at home, I agree that it can spread. Just think about how interconnected all of the world’s problems are: so many things that are happening around the world also happen in Vermont, and vice versa. So even a change that seems small isn’t always so little after all.

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