March Retreat

I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to make it to the March retreat. However, I am learning so much from What’s the Story, and I can truthfully say that I have never heard of another course like it. What’s the Story is different from any other class/course out there because not only does it allow you to pursue a topic you are passionate about, but it allows you to make such strong bonds with people in your community who are also passionate about similar things. It’s not like a class where you would be assigned a group for a project. At what’s the Story, your goals create the framework of your experience. My team’s topic is Body Image, specifically the conversations about body image between mothers and daughters. Two highlights from this project so far have been the interviews I’ve done, and the friendships I’ve made with my teammates. I loved doing the interviews because it was incredible to hear four different peoples stories/opinions on body image. I also loved learning how to use the film equipment. Working with my group has been a major highlight because they all have such great, unique ideas that have driven this project to wear it is now. Together we were able to create a unique perspective on the concept of body image. I am so excited to see what is to come with the remainder of What’s the Story, and to discover even more and more about social action.

Rae Kanarick

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