March Retreat: A Different Course

What’s the Story is a year-long digital storytelling course. What makes it stand out from a typical course is that it allows students to design their own curriculum. The adults in the program are less involved in the students’ work. The program allows learners to choose an issue from the giant umbrella of issues in Vermont that they will then create a 15-minute documentary about. The documentaries are shared at the end of the year.

So far in this course, I have had a great time. The retreats are especially fun, as they include good food and down time in the evening. Here is a list of some (but not all) of the things that I like about WTS :

I like editing the interview footage. I didn’t have any experience in video editin before this coursee, but now I feel that I have mastered it.

I also like the fact that in this course, you don’t feel like a teacher is hovering over your shoulder all the time.

I like using all of the technology that we have access to, such as microphones, computers, and cameras.

WTS has changed and impacted me from the beginning. Ever since the kickoff, I have been getting better at writing blog posts and keeping up with my assignments. I have gotten better at breaking through writer’s block and many other writing problems.

I would recommend WTS for any student who wants to make a difference and investigate important issues in Vermont.

Zachariah Burrows

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