March Retreat – A Student’s Perspective

All across the United States, progress has been made to accept people’s differences and provide equal opportunities for all Americans. Unfortunately, this revolution does not cover our education system which is suffering greatly. Students are required to learn in a monotonous environment where creativity and innovation are frequently repressed. What’s the Story is a course where students learn outside of the classroom and acquire essential life skills like conducting interviews, reaching out to important stakeholders in a particular field, provoking change and learning to overcome unforeseen obstacles. This structure of learning is very different from the average classroom experience as it better prepares learners for life after high school and starts them on the road to success many years before their peers.

My experience with What’s the Story has been very positive, and I feel as though I have developed as both a leader and a learner throughout the last few months. There have been some significant events that have stuck with me very well, like our pitch at the beginning of the year and my interview with Governor Jim Douglas. One of the most common fears in the world is public speaking, so by standing in front of a group of people and sharing your ideas, you are forced to take one step toward overcoming that fear. On the other hand, my interview with Gov. Douglas left me feeling accomplished, and I knew that I actually could influence change if I had the correct mindset.

So, who should apply to What’s the Story? If you are a student who is either tired of the conventional way of learning or is looking to inspire change in your community, you should apply. Even if you excel in the typical classroom environment, you should still apply to become part of What’s the Story. This new form of learning combined with the newfound skills necessary for life after college result in a program that is perfect for the intrinsically motivated.

Justin Holmes

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