March Retreat: About WTS

What’s The Story? is a social action group made up of teenagers and a few adult mentors who are interested in a certain issue that they want to bring (more) attention to. The people who partake in What’s The Story? explore a topic they are interested in. Eventually you form a small group with other people who are interested in a topic similar to yours, and you discuss possible topics that relate to all of yours. When you choose what group/topic you want to be apart of you start planning the very first steps your team decides to take. What’s differs What’s The Story? from other courses is that WTS gives you more independence and provides a greater amount of project-based learning. When you’re part of WTS you lead your own learning based on your personal skills and interests, while still working with teammates. For example, you and your team decide what you want steps toward the final project (documentary) you want to take and when to take them, there isn’t one person telling you exactly what to do and when to do it. In WTS you lead your own learning.

My experience in WTS has been great. I enjoy participating in a course like WTS mainly because, how I learn and communicate with people during this course is different than how I would learn at school. I like having more say in how I direct my learning experiences. From being in WTS and from exploring the topic I have, I’ve gained a lot of perspective and empathy. From participating in WTS I’ve been more exposed to working with other people as well as guiding my own learning.

My topic is about the foster care system in Vermont. My team has two other people in it and one mentor to help guide and support our team. Our team’s main focus is to raise awareness about the system in Vermont and show people how they can help in various ways. We’ve interviewed about six people who have had experience in the foster care system or have expert knowledge in the system. From interviewing those people I’ve gained a lot of perspective on other people’s lives and experiences. One of my highlights from WTS is probably interviewing multiple people who all had similar things to say about the foster system in Vermont, yet also had their own stories to tell.

I think that people who have a strong interest or passion in a current day issue or topic should apply to What’s The Story. What’s The Story is the perfect place to work on a product that will help you reach your goal of bringing attention to your topic. People who want to have a positive impact on other people’s lives should apply, people who are interested in film making and/or filming, and people who enjoy working with other people.

Ella Beerworth

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