March Retreat: Documentary Building

What’s the Story is a program for Vermont high schoolers that allows students to create informational documentaries in social action teams about something they’re passionate about. We do research, collect data, and interview experts and specialists to create a final project that is presented. To me, this program differs from a typical course because of the independence we have. We meet up usually once a month, but otherwise, it’s up to us to communicate with our team and reach out to interviewees on our own. I like this aspect of What’s the Story because we are given the reigns and the responsibility to make whatever product we want. Because of this, my experience in the program has been great and filled with creativity, independence, and great team work.

My social action team is creating a documentary on gender equality in the education system. Our statement is basically that we are still experiencing gender inequality but that can be changed through educating our youth. We’ve interviewed many teachers and learned so much about how people see gender and how it’s incorporated into classrooms.

I think that any student that’s passionate about a topic or issue and wants to learn more and spread the word should apply to Whats the Story. It’s an outlet to get your voice heard to the community and an amazing experience.

Liv Hennessey

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