March Retreat: Great!

What’s the Story is an incredible program that teaches students many valuable things, for example, how to put yourself in an uncomfortable position nagivate your way through it, how to work with other people with different backgrounds, experiences, and points of views on specific topics. Its different from other courses at school because of how much free range the students are given. Tim and Bill stepped in only when needed or help is desired. Students are sometimes put on the spot but never in a bad way. Students work with their own creativity and their own thoughts instead of being told how to think, like at school.

In my own experience, What’s the Story has put me in positions I was nervous to be in but came out unscathed. The teachers and adults are very supportive and understanding. For example, i am a very anxious person with a lot of social anxiety so the interviews were a bit of a challenge for me at first, however after gaining some pointers and support from my team, I managed to pull of some unexpected fun interviews nd had some wonderful conversations with Tabitha Pohl-Moore. The other students make up for what you lack and vice versa and there’s is no blame to be had when/if something goes wrong.

My team consists of two other students, Minelle and Hussein, and a wonderful team mom, Fallon, and we decided to tackle racism in the educational system. After my talk with Tabitha Pohl-Moore I learned a lot about how racism, as well as many forms of discrimination, are sewn into the very fabric of our society and we don’t even realize it. Her passion and fire was completely contagious and she enlightened me in many ways. When I brought her interview to my team I was more excited than I wanted to admit. We had some great sections, some not so great sections, but that was OK. No one criticized me for the not so great parts. We give friendly suggestions and help one another out however we can.

If you have a sympathetic heart, if you see this problem around you or happening to you and you desperately want to do something about it, if you want to fix something you see that is not right, you should join Whats the Story. WTS can help you make that happen.

Melaina Bassette

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