March Retreat: I Think I Can Fly


Whats the Story is a place for young learners to explore and make a difference in their community. This classroom adds a more family and united expercience which a typical classroom can’t bring to the table. You get to spend days with your co-workers and I say that because together we have a responsibility as a group instead of a class. Here we work together instead of sitting around listening to a never ending lecture. These experiences change your thought process for the better. It exposes you to an academic environment that gives a sense of responsibly instead of following a strict rule book. What the Story breaks those rules bending them to fit into a puzzle of complex thinking that it makes everything a little more interesting.

Wts allowed me to open up in more than one way. Even though I may have kept my distance from the big group, I feel as if I opened so may doors. Getting to talk about topics that many find to tuff or even just learning new ideas and perspectives on subjects gives me a more inclusive look in on life. This may be vague, but I can’t seem to pin point the impact of this experience. When working with so many people it’s impacted my thinking, actions, and work ethic. I can say that nothing about this program can be thought of in a negative light and it’s after effects on me either.


Joining Wts you should come with a mindset of anything, but the traditional system. To be honest anyone can join. Doesn’t matter what your background is as long as the stamina to keep going and the interest in your topic that won’t lose it’s touch.

Rex Ross

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