March Retreat: More Than A Mandatory Credit

What’s the Story is an opportunity to explore your own interests and challenge your thinking in a group-oriented way. It’s so much more than a class for a mandatory credit, it holds a life experience of storytelling in film.

A screenshot from an interview of GEN member, Grace Darrow. (2018)

I enjoy the energy I experience in WtS. Being surrounded by people willing to work and with ideas that I am able to build off helps push me to socialize more than the typical classroom, but also challenge my work. I would say that it isn’t as fast paced as a public school, however, I enjoy the more individualistic style WtS provides.

I am apart of the social action team GEN, short for Gender Equality Now. Our topic isn’t hard to guess, we are working towards gender equality in schools, specifically in teens and their connections to teachers. We are focused on getting schools to create a more diverse curriculum.

Working so closely with gender inequality has made me understand why education is such a big part in creating more inclusive generations. People grow up with the understanding that their education had given them. Either from a teacher or a parent, children learn from examples. Gender Equality needs more spotlight in today’s school systems, either in classes separating by gender or dress codes.

If someone were interested to join WtS I think, even if they are unsure, they should at least give it a try. You lose nothing from trying something new and more likely than not, you’ll earn more participating in WtS. Being able to work with Tim and Bill allows you to have more freedom, but it comes with responsibility. The creation of a documentary is definitely not an easy task, yet with mentors and your peers alongside you, the experience of new friends and producing something you are proud of is one I’m glad I didn’t pass up.

Rex Ross

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