March Retreat: Real Life Learning

For me, WtS has been an enriching experience that’s different than anything we could ever learn in school. Being a part of WtS means we’re around other kids who really want to be there, instead of grudgingly taking a class that they’re required to take. WtS allows us to explore social issues that interest us as well learning how to use film equipment and edit videos. The program is so much different than classroom learning, because we’re researching real world issues and interacting with people who have firsthand experience with them. Teamwork is pivotal to our projects, and I’ve definitely gotten a lot better at working with other people over the past few months.

My group is working on a film about body image. We’re interviewing mothers and daughters, asking them to share their experience and advice. Hopefully, this will help people struggling with body image, as well as showing other people how to help them.

For people who are considering applying; be aware that it’s a time commitment. You’ll need to do a lot of work in between the retreats and daytime meetings. You’ll also need to have an open mind and be ready to pursue a topic that you maybe had no idea you’d be researching. Overall it’s an amazing program, and a great way to learn outside of a typical classroom setting.

Adelle MacDowell

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