March Retreat: The ups and downs

Whats the Story is a very unique and self motivated program.  For whoever is on the edge about joining this program and taking part in creating your own story just needs to do it.  At first everything is a little overwhelming and you don’t quite fully understand what you need to be doing, and that’s alright.  After a few weeks you begin to develop a sense of what you will be doing and you really get to delve in and explore it even more.  Once you begin to interview things get really interesting, you learn many new things about your topic, the person you are interviewing, and technology.  I know that the whole class is based off of technology and video but you really need to know nothing to join, they teach you everything.  Finally after all the filming and interviews, you can begin the making of the movie.  This is really fun because you and your group can think of anything they want to add or subtract and it’s done.  I would highly recommend this class because it is not like any other you would take during school.  You get to be creative with it and focus on this one topic.  It does become difficult because you have to make sure that you are putting your work and time into the project as well as your group and that you keep up with the blog posts.  This has really helped me become a more responsible person and I have learned a lot, not just about my project but everyone elses as well. We share our projects with other groups and ask for their feedback.  This is a really important and helpful piece of the class. Everyone that has the opportunity to apply for this program should snatch it up because it is an amazing class with amazing people and amazing food.

Sidney Carr

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