March Retreat: what this is

What’s The Story, in my opinion, is a program that creates a productive and self-directed atmosphere that pushes you to dig deeper into social issues within our communities. The atmosphere creates a safe environment for growth and development of many life long skills. WtS is different, when compared to other courses, in the sense that it is primary focused on developing self-directed and collaborative learners.

My experience with WtS has been very productive, this experience has really shown me the power and need for collaboration and communication. This program has also taught me the importance and benefits in working in groups because when you work in groups you learn to reach out and depend on one another when you need help. And, knowing that you can depend on someone in a group is really helpful because it make you feel connected and successful.

I am in a group project that is focusing on the relationships between mothers and daughters surrounding the conversation of body image. Currently we are in the stage of wrapping up some extra/needed interviews, and are in the middle of interview edits and story boarding for our video/documentary. I personally feel that there have been some struggles in our group with communication because of our busy schedules, and after awhile it begins to add up and you realize what’s missing and what needs to be done.

I think that people who should apply, should be aware that this is a commitment and that it is an important program for educating and learning. And, I would personally add as a final note that it is okay to come into WtS without any ideas of what you want to focus on, but just realize that you have to keep an open mind as time goes on.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Sasha Miler

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