March Retreat: Why WTS??

What’s the Story? is a group of motivated students and mentors looking to make a change in the world that they live in. Being apart of WTS is a segway for making a difference in something that really matters to you and your personal life. WTS is a social action team looking to find justice and influence change in the matters that each individual believes in most. WTS is changing people’s lives by creating documentaries that can influence immense change. Film-making, teamwork, critical thinking, and personal challenge/dedication are major parts of the work that is done at WTS. What’s the Story? allows you to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself and is a gateway for becoming the activist that lies deep within you and hides behind all of the rages that you may feel from the crazy world around us.

What’s the Story? is not classroom based. Real life experiences, interacting with teammates, creating a piece that encompasses your passions, and learning new things about yourself that may surprise you. There are things about WTS that you would never learn in a classroom or a lecture and are worth cherishing for the rest of your life. What’s the Story also allows you to meet people that share your passions and can bring your change-making dreams to life.

What’s the Story? has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and look deep into the person that I really am. I have had to address my strengths and my weaknesses when it comes to working in a group and I have had to push myself to be the best teammate that I can be. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to be apart of WTS and actually make a difference in the world that I live in. I want to be apart of the activist movement and WTS is allowing me to do so.

I am a part of the Gender Equality Now team who are looking to achieve gender equality by educating children. Our mission statement is: We are still experiencing gender inequality, but we can change that by teaching our kids. Being a part of my team has made me a better leader, because I have been learning when to step up and when to step back, and I have also become more knowledgable about the activist world and dug into why I am fighting this fight. I have definitely enjoyed the time that my team and I have spent together working on our own strengths and figuring out how to be the most successful, together. I think my team and I have grown to enjoy each other’s company and appreciate it when we have time together to get our work done.

People should really apply for WTS because it is so crucial to feel like you belong somewhere and finding something that can provide that is hard. What’s the Story? is a great place for people of all kinds to interact and achieve more together

Those who should apply are the following:

  • Activists
  • Those who want to make change
  • Those who want to be a part of something bigger
  • Those who are looking for an outlet for their rage about society
  • Anyone who wants to work with a team of great peers
  • Those interested in Filmmaking
  • People who like documentaries
  • etc.
Katelyn Brown

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