March Retreat: Working on The Website

We have all of our interviews, partially edited. Our website is updated, but is a work in progress. The issues we are trying to combat still face us. I can’t even count how many pages and categories we added to the website in the past 24 hours, but let me tell you it’s a lot. We asked people questions they had about gender and sexuality, and though many of the questions made sense for somebody who had never experienced these issues, but it was shocking how many people had questions. It made a great addition to our website, but I wondered if people who hadn’t heard of our project or the issues we discussed had even more questions? What questions were still floating out in the world, waiting to be answered. Were they important, or simple to someone who was more educated on the issue. Why weren’t they being answered? Was it because there was nobody to answer them. The root of this problem comes from our education system. It’s not the teacher’s fault that they don’t know how to talk to their students about these topics, but shouldn’t students have the right to know and understand what’s going on in the world. If teachers knew how to teach their students what gender and sexuality meant would there be as many questions out there that go unanswered every day.

Grace Darrow

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