March Retreat: WTS, What’s that?

What is WtS, and how is it different than a typical course? WtS a program were social action teams that are created based on interest and passion take on issues facing Vermont. Typical “courses” (I’m still in middle school and this is my first and probably the best course I have ever been a part of) consist of sitting in various classrooms for hours at a time hoping that the day would end faster than it ever does.

What’s your experience been like in WtS, and how has WtS impacted you? My experience with WtS has been really enjoyable, I have meet really nice people and I get to work on things that I am passionate about.

Who should apply, and why?
People that should join are traditional learners that want a challenge, people who are shy and want to break out of their shell and people who are passionate about issues facing VT and the world.

Erin Fishell

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