March Retreat

What’s the Story is a course about social action in Vermont that you can take and get high school credit. However, it is not like a normal class. In my opinion, it is the way school should be. What’s the Story gives students an open canvas to explore ideas and they encourage students to think out of the box. No one is told they can’t do something, there are no limits to your ideas. Students, with the help of mentors, have to do things that may be outside of their comfort zone, but it helps them grow. There is no pressure to get a grade, but you are excepted by your teachers and peers to participate and maintain a strong work ethic. I have had a good experience with the course. I am researching and making a documentary about a topic that I am passionate about. It is an excuse for me to talk to farmers and learn about farming!!! Sometimes it is hard to manage the extra class with regular school on top of it, but it a challenge that I have mostly overcome. I really enjoy this kind of school and I recommend this course! It’s been a true gift to be able to talk with farmers, the farmers that grow and process my food. I love Vermont and I deeply appreciate farmers and I am so happy that I can highlight the hard work they do! It is also fun to edit the documentary although it is hard and takes a long time. I have had a good experience with my team (just one other girl and a mentor). I means a bit more work for each of us, but it’s been working well! Really you should apply for the reasons I have explained above. It is a course that pushes students out of their comfort zone to make social change in Vermont, during a time that we need it more than ever.

Mary Nagy-Benson

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