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  • Part 1:

    Self Direction:

    All great leaders have vision. Every single one sees clearly what they want to change and become visionaries. They don’t need others around them to understand; they don’t need to […]

  • As a homeschooler, I often work with just myself. There’s just not the large amount of people in my community that there are in public schools, and I know everyone well enough that I almost never work with […]

  • Looking Back:

    This past month has been a large growth time for me, both with all of the learning I have done, and through the presentation of info (blog posts, flipgrid video, and spreading the awareness to […]

  • Hi Avery,
    You have a very strong sense of what it is to be different, in what your looking at. You have thought about why it is so important to have change in this area. Overall, your thinking is evolving so […]

  • Hi Shannon,
    You have some good thinking evolving and you’re on the right track. Your topic is very interesting, and all of your branches are very important. You have talked a lot about why your topic is so […]

  • Hi Avery,
    Thanks for the suggestions! I have seen a few articles on the internet about why people don’t support autism speaks, but I didn’t think much about it. It’s a good point, and now I’m curious about why […]

  • Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the comments! It’s very interesting thinking about why we are so averted to other people, and whether it was learned or natural. Also, I wonder how much of this is surface thoughts and how […]

  • Thank you, Ben. I’m glad that you could see where my thinking went in my map. I found it very helpful bringing all of my ideas together onto one page, and there are a lot of ideas!

  • Hi Ben,
    Thank you so much for giving me really great feedback. I have really been enjoying looking farther into what autism is and how we tend to portray people who are on the spectrum. An interesting side note […]

  • Thank you for the comment. My dad took the picture, and it’s one that has always been a symbol of hope and harmony to me, so I thought it was a good first image.

    Thank you again!

  • Hi Laurie,
    Thank you for the comment, even though you won’t be reading my blog in the future. I’m glad that my energy came through and that you enjoyed reading the post. You have a good point about the power of […]

  • How do great leaders inspire change? Through watching Sinek’s Ted Talk, I thought it was interesting how much emphasis he put on “why”. Change is about belief, following our dreams, and holding that question of […]

  • Hi Shannon,
    Your mind map covers a lot of information! You are really putting all the pieces together with animal cruelty. I think it’s really interesting that you have money as the center of all of your […]

  • Hi Avery,
    Wow, your mind map is really interesting. I can see that at the very heart of your topic is student safety and security. I think that’s very important, and everything you have around change has to do […]

  • Aidan Palmer commented on the post, #3 semi stuck 4 years ago

    Hi Shannon,
    You have some really important and provoking questions in your blog post that make me really think about what you’re saying. I can see that you are very passionate about all of your topics, and that […]

  • Thank you so much for reading and giving me feedback on my post. I am glad that my thoughts are so clear and that you got something deeper than just what autism is from reading my writing. I am definitely going to […]

  • Aidan Palmer commented on the post, #3 Finding Trust 4 years ago

    Hi Sydney,
    I enjoyed reading your post. You have really thought things through about what trust is, why people begin to distrust, and what can bring people together into a whole society. Your information is very […]

  • Aidan Palmer commented on the post, #2: Making a plan 4 years ago

    Hi Avery,
    I enjoyed the complex thinking throughout your writing. Your mother sounds very knowledgeable, and you must have gained a lot from talking to her. I wonder what you will learn talking to youth vs. […]

  • Through this week, one of my goals with finding stories and new information about autism was to gain a greater understanding in myself of what I believe about autism, as well as why I really found the topic so […]

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