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  • Anna,

    Between this entry and your previous one, you’ve demonstrated interest in an impressive range of topics. I think you might find it helpful when, at our retreat, you have the opportunity to share your […]

  • Ella,

    I appreciate you taking a closer look at a part of your mind map. In the interest of zooming in even further, I’m wondering if you happen to know, at this early stage in the process, the names of anyone […]

  • Elizabeth,

    You’ve created a detailed, attractive, and easy-to-follow map that seems to captures much of the thinking you’ve done about this issue so far. Well done!

    As I read through it, I can already […]

  • Something I love about about this entry, Anna, is seeing the breadth of social topics that spark your passion. I can sense that you’re eager to start taking action.

    Since your last two entries focused on dress […]

  • Bob Uhl commented on the post, #4 Mind Map 5 years, 6 months ago

    Nice job on your mind map, Ella.

    Here are a few other questions that occurred to me while reading your map: What’s the current level of awareness around refugees in Vermont? What are Vermonters’ attitudes […]

  • Elizabeth,

    I love the journalistic tone of this entry–dramatic yet truthful–and the way you weave quotations throughout it.

    Speaking of quotations, I’m interested to learn the source for your mother’s […]

  • Anna,

    Nice work speaking to a variety of people for this post, and you do a good job touching on some of the many issues that arise from the double standard that exists within our culture for men and women. […]

  • Ella,

    You’ve settled on what seems to me to be a fascinating topic. I notice that your descriptions of the interviews you’ve conducted so far raise questions that might help steer you as you pursue this topic, […]

  • Elizabeth,

    Your writing skills make this entry, like your last one, a pleasure to read. I especially like the way you pivot from the drug issue to the one that becomes the focus of this entry.

    I admit that […]

  • Anna,

    Thank you for sharing this powerful story. I should feel shocked, but the kind of unequal treatment you describe is so rampant in our society that I can’t even say I’m surprised to hear it. What I can say […]

  • Ella,

    As Katelyn said before me, your passion on this topic shines through. You raise some important issues facing our country, including school shootings, access to guns, and Washington’s role (or lack […]

  • Elizabeth,

    I’m Bob Uhl, an English teacher at Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington and a coach for What’s the Story. I missed our kickoff event, but I look forward to meeting you at our next in-person […]

  • Bob Uhl commented on the post, Why I'm Here 5 years, 6 months ago


    I’m Bob Uhl, an English teacher at Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington.

    I’ll echo Dixie in referring to your comment about looking forward to new obstacles. It’s not often I hear people say […]

  • Hi Anna,

    I’m Bob Uhl, an English teacher at Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington and one of the coaches for What’s the Story. I wasn’t able to make the kickoff at Middlebury College, but I’m sure we’ll have […]

  • I share your feelings, Sydney, both about Simon Sinek’s talk and about working with people who hold some of the same beliefs I do. One of the things I love about working where I do is that I’m able to see evidence […]

  • Alex makes a great point about governments playing a big role in how people trust or distrust one another. Their messages reach and influence a large number of people. If this is something you’re interested in […]

  • Your diagram does a good job of reinforcing something I think it can be easy to overlook: that a lot of the qualities we tend to desire–safety, love, peace, etc.–rest on a foundation of trust. We need to have […]

  • You raise some important issues, here, Zoe: rape culture, a double standard for men and women when it comes to sexuality, how unhealthy ideas about sexuality are embedded in our culture, and how our use of […]

  • I agree with Aidan, Sydney, about the clarity of your style and information. It’s also clear that you’ve brought several sources together in a coherent, meaningful way that digs more deeply into your […]

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