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    At first, I didn’t want to work with freshmen. I’ve always been the person who wants to work in a group with “the smart people” so they can take charge and I don’t have to worry about leading or having the fate of […]

  • On Thursday, January 26, Casey, Bryce and I conducted interviews at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. We interviewed them about pollution in Lake Champlain and what young people are doing to reduce the pollution in […]

  • We’re teaching girls to be quiet and submissive. We’re teaching girls to make themselves as small as possible, to starve themselves out of existence. We’re teaching girls not to take up space. We’re teaching girls […]

  • Our first interview, one that we did at CVU, went well. We were interviewing Andrew Silverman, a student at CVU who created an algae-detecting buoy that sprays algaecide to kill blue-green algae. I operated the […]

  • You start to believe it. I know I do.

    Ok so this post is completely unnecessary but I’ve been thinking a lot about slut shaming lately and since it relates to gender bias, I thought I’d share. Mostly because I […]

  • Dear Smashing Sexism and WTS: It’s been an interesting week.

    In any case, Smashing Sexism has made significant progress in the past week and a half. We have conducted multiple, brief interviews with students, […]

  • I will remember the intense stomach pains of this weekend far better than I will remember anything else. I will remember the trip to the emergency room and the subsequent week that I spent on the couch, trying to […]

  • Wait this is so cool?? You’re so talented??


  • Coming into the retreat, I was not sure of what I would learn and the technological aspects of filmmaking. The only experience I have of video editing is when I make stop-motion animation films. Stop-motion […]

  • The December Retreat was the second What’s the Story retreat this year. It was the opportunity to really sit down with our groups and start to plan for the upcoming interviews we had. I remember last retreat being […]

  • This retreat basically sums up what I expected for What’s The Story. Being the 8th grader I am, I have never had an amazing course where I really learn life skills, like photography or interviewing. I feel like […]

  • List we generated of people that we thought might be an asset to our presentation:

    Neighboring farm Barney Hodges in Cornwall (Nigel’s Grandparents)
    Migrant Justice (Nigel trying to get in touch
    Migrant […]

  • The following are people that my group may want to interview:

    Senators Bray and Ayers. They are involved in creating legislation and could be helpful in giving our group information about the work that the […]

  • Questions I have about the issue of migrant workers on dairy farms in Vermont:


    How strongly do farmers who employee migrant workers agree with these stereotypes?
    Are these stereotypes come from some […]

  • What are the questions we have now about our topic / issue?

    How many migrants speak English?
    Do workers communicate with each other outside of the farm?
    How in-tune are migrants, do they use internet? […]

  • Conclusion: People are ignorant. They either don’t know about gender bias or can’t recognize it when it’s right in front of their faces. Smashing Sexism analyzed the surveys this past weekend, and from the data, […]

  • What are the details? My current knowledge

    Migrant workers get poor quality living conditions

    poor quality houses

    small houses – 200 feet minimum

    below minimum wages for more hours
    threat […]

  • What are the details of the story we are pursuing?

    Current understanding:

    Migrant Workers:

    Migrants come here for work and pay that they might not be able to get in their current home. They often go back […]

  • The retreat began promptly at 9 AM last Saturday in the parking lot of Middlebury Union High School. I was carpooling with four other WTS students, each of whom were at least a foot taller than me.

    When we got […]

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