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  • What’s the Story is a program for Vermont high schoolers that allows students to create informational documentaries in social action teams about something they’re passionate about. We do research, collect data, […]

  • So far, I think that our project has been moving along pretty steadily. We have been able to pool ideas and communicate effectively. I think that all of us have been facing a couple obstacles including finding […]

  • Last weekend our WTS community had our first overnight. We were able to get into our teams and come up with our overall question.

    Are you/we feeling more connected to or inspired by our WTS community?

    Yes. I […]

  • A categorized list of the topics everyone has created:





    -Vermont refugees



    -Climate change education

    -Mental health […]

  • This week, I talked with my dad, my aunt, and my sister on their thoughts about planned parenthood and laws surrounding women’s healthcare access.


    This is simple for me:  Access should be absolutely […]

  • Hi Kaitlin,

    I appreciate the honesty of you sharing that most of your background knowledge comes from fiction and that it may or may not reflect reality. Your questions show me how deeply you have thought about […]

  • Meredith,

    I see how you are troubled by the tensions between our natural world and technology. While I understand how we all love the conveniences, sometimes that means we don’t spend time thinking about […]

  • What do I know about Planned Parenthood:

    My neighbor works at Planned Parenthood and I always believed that access to this kind of resource was available to all.  It is eye opening to see how powerful white […]

  • Hi Meredith,

    I like your reference to the Forrest Gump movie. Open endless possibilities inspire you and you seem to want to make the most of this work here in What’s the Story? You say you feel constrained by […]

  • Hi there,

    English teacher connection – wondering what you think this teacher saw in you? Do you think it is because he or she saw that you did some interesting and engaged project work in the WE, or is it more […]

  • I am here because I believe that students and youth do not have enough of a voice in their community. What’s the Story is allows students to voice their opinion about an issue that is important or personal to t […]

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