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  • What’s the Story Vermont. This course has challenged me in ways I didn’t expect to encounter during my high school years, but I’m extremely thankful that I did.

    At the beginning of the year, my self-direction […]

  • What’s the Story is a course I’m taking that allows me to create a documentary about a local issue that I care about. That being said, a documentary doesn’t have to be the final product of your work. You can […]

  • On saturday, the WtS team got together to review film and think about starting to edit their documentaries. It was really helpful for me, to say the least. I created a timeline, and then sorted my interviews under […]

  • Yesterday, I spent most of my day with my mom at Dealer.Com. While I was there, I interviewed 7 different people, and got some great B roll. It was a great experience, to say the least. The environment at Dealer […]

  • Hi all!

    This week, being the last week of filming, is a busy one. My plan is to post short-ish blog posts every day explaining what I did that day, and what my plan is for the next. That being said, let me […]

  • Hi all!

    This Monday, I shadowed at the Big Picture school in South Burlington. While I was there, I interviewed many of their students, as well as their program director. I asked the students the following […]

  • This and last week have been very productive. This week, I am working on getting all of my student interviews done. Just yesterday I got 12 interviews, and i’m going to be continuing with this throughout the […]

  • Last week, I met with Emily and we devised a schedule from now until winter break, which begins on the 23rd. Last week, we planned to:

    Research Act 77 (flexible pathways) and draft a letter to the A.O.E […]

  • I came into this retreat excited because I had finally figured out that instead of targeting 4 or 5 groups of people, I’d now only be focusing on one. This change had given me an overflow of ideas and energy, and […]

  • In the last couple of days, I have come to the decision that I will be primarily focusing on trying to get students to take control of their education. I’m not completely sure of how I’ll do this, but I know now […]

  • The results of this retreat have left me more motivated and determined than ever. It was decided that for my project, i’d be working alone, and on education reform. I seriously couldn’t be happier.

    Working […]

  • I am seeking to open eyes about why education reform is such a major issue by documenting the history and growth of the Nexus program, and the tensions that went along with them.

    I am targeting anyone and […]

  • Hi Greta,
    Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate what you had to say.
    I took a look at your mind map/blog post as well and was super interested in the way you organized your map. I think that your […]

  • Why is this topic/issue important?

    I believe that this topic is important because the public school system does not teach in the way that the brain learns. It is imperative that we address this issue so that […]

  • Since I joined the program a bit later than everyone else, I did my learning scales for the first time about 15 minutes ago, so, they’re exactly the same now.

    For the first scale, “Committing to a story/issue”, […]

  • Over the last few days, i’ve been feeling incredibly stuck. I’m having trouble writing these posts because my topic is so broad and I have so much to say and so many questions that I can’t think straight and just […]

  • So, i’ve been juggling around some new topics over the last couple of days, and I realized that drug addiction and the science behind it, while exciting and interesting, does not grab me as much as another issue […]

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  • What I Got From Simon Sinek


    There are people who want results so that they can achieve fame and riches.

    There are people who want results so that they can benefit the greater good.

    The people […]

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