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  • Self-Direction

    I entered What’s the Story with enough understanding of how the course works that it felt almost as if I had an unfair advantage over others on where to start my research and what the work was l […]

  • What’s the Story is an opportunity to explore your own interests and challenge your thinking in a group-oriented way. It’s so much more than a class for a mandatory credit, it holds a life experience of […]

  • Learning at What’s the Story doesn’t happen on your own. As our groups develop and our stories grow we start becoming our own class. What I’m learning from What’s the Story is that growth comes from the learner […]

  • Self Reflection;

    I would like to think the project is so enthralling that I could work on it for hours, yet that’d be lying. Everything is great for the work we’ve got and our ideas keep flying, maybe not as […]

  • The G.E.N group, to me, is moving at a typical rate. Not going fast not even slow either, just taking our time and getting things done. I think, even with some setbacks in whole group communication, we are really […]

  • Over this weekend retreat, I definitely feel more connected to Wts as a whole. Not just with my group, but with everyone. I had many conversations, both weird and serious with the mentors and my peers. I […]

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  • I have questioned whether or not I should target an audience who has rather negative thinking towards feminism. As you wrote I agree that I do hesitate towards diving into people’s oppressive views for them. I […]

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    I see your posts and like, I don’t know how you do it but you find the most interesting photos that even go with your writing and it’s awesome. I just had to say they are really good.

    I like how you’re looking […]

  • I think feminism has been frowned upon in today’s world and it seems like a hushed topic. It feels really awkward to talk about, especially to a stranger or someone I’m not close with.
    Usually what runs through […]

  • Same, I feel as if no one listens to or at least tries to understand anymore. That’s why I don’t want to target a specific group cause I don’t know who will take the time for it!
    I do want to explore the topic […]

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    Hey Minelle,

    I like the questions you have, especially the one about people not understanding when and how they are being racist and your answer is based on their childhood or lack of discipline in knowing […]

  • A comment on my last blog post by Fallon asked me about who my audience is. Or something along those lines, however, this isn’t something I think I can answer clearly. I want to have everyone who watches this […]

  • Hey Stephie!

    I remember on the hike we talked about college debt a bit in our group. It’s really cool you want to follow more into college because it’s such a huge thing in our lives to have under our belts. […]

  • I wouldn’t call this particular blog post hard, but rather a taboo situation for my topic making it almost impossible. I want to figure out what made this challenging and why my topic is something that […]

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    Reading that you have to deal with such ignorance yet you keep onward into your fight for Your Rights that you shouldn’t even have to fight for is exhilarating. I’m amazed that someone asked you if they could use […]

  • Last night I was actually watching some videos on abortion from both pro-life and pro-choice parties. They were indeed interesting… horrid but necessary to understanding why other’s think differently. I’ll link […]

  • Hey Geoff!!

    It’s motivating to know other people find this just as exciting as it is to me. To be honest, I didn’t know if including the picture would make sense. I’m glad it brings people to put on their […]

  • Thanks for reading my post Ally!
    The questions I wrote down are more like a guide, but I’m also thinking that I could use them in potential interviews. Depends mostly on where I’ll go with this and if I do choose […]

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