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  • After having extensive conversations with my peers this weekend, I think my group and I are in a strong position regarding Self-Direction.

    Presenting my findings and conversing about my ideas and questions has […]

  • Thanks Sydney!
    I’m excited to try to employ some of these strategies myself and see how our peers use them too.

  • Sinek’s video was very informative about how to sell things. At first, it made me uneasy because the main example was Apple, and how it uses what people believe in order to sell their products. That made me […]

  • Hey, Alex!
    Thanks for the feedback. My theory is that the school allows the Confederate flag because it is viewed as an exercise of freedom of speech. I’m looking into the Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines […]

  • Sydney!
    Thanks for your comment. At first I was opposed to this idea, and wanted the focus to be concentrated on the flag and its targets, but you got me thinking: would interviewing other students better […]

  • Hey Sydney!
    I found your post really interesting, and found myself wondering about the concept of trust in new ways after reading it.
    One thing I thought may be cool is looking into specific events that caused […]

  • Hey Alex,
    I really liked your post. The comment about the bees really caught my attention. Although I don’t know the specifics, I’ve heard that without bees, our whole ecosystem could fall apart at the seams. Is […]

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  • I’ve had a lot of ideas about sources for my topic.

    Obviously I want to interview students who wear the Confederate flag, and black students that have to endure the symbol.

    As I mentioned in my last post, […]

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  • Sydney!
    I loved your post. We need more people like you in the world, and I can’t wait to work with you and see all of these things in action! I’m very interested in what your topic will be and how you will apply […]

  • Hey Alex!
    From speaking with you last Saturday and reading your first post I’m really excited to see what you will bring to the table this year. Your passion about the effects of climate change on the ocean is […]

  • After the horrific violence in Charlottesville this summer, debate all over the internet sparked about freedom of speech and the right to fly Nazi and Confederate flags. Obviously the whole event was shocking and […]

  • I am the one who is excited to see what this experience will bring me! I’m thrilled at the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the state who share my interests and are also dedicated to making a change […]