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Liv Hennessey

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  • Hi Liv,

    An impressive mind map! You identify an important clarifying question: how is Planned Parenthood funded? While there is no line item for Planned Parenthood in the federal budget, dollars do find their way there through Medicaid, which is a federal program. Other insurance companies also pay PP for services.
    I’m interested in your emphasis on local legislators. What role do you think they might play in this issue?
    Finally, I’m hoping that you can push a little deeper to find out what motivates people on the other side of the issue. You may not agree with them, but unless you listen to the opponents of PP and/or abortion to discover what their story is, it will be difficult to find a solution to the problem. Do you see a place in your mind map for that?

  • Hey Liv,

    I was going to give similar feedback about your Mind Map, (which by the way seems like a very cool way to “see” you thinking) as Kate did. Speaking to State Legislators sounds like a very important part of the plan, if in fact they hold much sway over the funding for the organization. Certainly getting very clear about all the services PP offers will give you a stronger platform as you discuss the need, rather than just the service for abortion.

    I also wonder about speaking to the opposition. I haven’t seen that in any of your posts. I wonder how you hope to see the whole picture, or gain understanding of why people want to close those doors, or any of the arguments against PP. As unsettling as that might be to someone who fully supports PP, it might provide you with useful counter arguments, or at least a complete sense of all the issues involved.

    I am glad to see you haven’t abandoned your initial idea, and that you are still moving forward. I look forward to you digging deeper into this topic, and hearing what you discover!



  • Hi Liv,

    I like the question you asked about what would happen if Planned Parenthood got shut down. The answer to that question might pair well with your local action of speaking with state legislators. I’m sure they are aware of what might happen if it does get shut down, but you could make a huge impact on politicians and congressmen and congresswomen by showing them that that decision will affect not only women relying on Planned Parenthood now, but women who may need to in the future.

    What would you want to make sure is brought to the state legislators’ attention? Are you more focused on making sure that Planned Parenthood is not shut down, or are there some changes to their services that you’d like to see?

  • Hi Liv,
    You asked some valuable questions within your mind map. One that really stood out to me was “who funds and supports PP?” Then when you begin to ask what happens if it dissolves and would the government do more? Something that I always wonder when thinking of Planned Parenthood is how many people rely on their service not only in Vermont but countrywide? Something else is does religion play a part in how planned parenthood is run in parts of the country?
    Have a good weekend

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