Mind Map- My Current Thoughts on Income Inequality

Finn Wormser
My name is Finn Wormser and I'm from Shelburne. I'm a ninth grader from CVU High School. This is my first time doing the program, but I'm familiar with it through friends and my brother. I love playing sports and watching sports. I play volleyball, basketball, and am going to start ultimate frisbee in the spring. I play the bass and my brother, dad and I like to pretend we're a band. I am very excited to start What's The Story and to learn about a social issue in Vermont.

One Response to “Mind Map- My Current Thoughts on Income Inequality

  • Hi Finn,
    This is an impressive mind map! I appreciate the detail and depth of your exploration of this topic. It seems like you have a strong sense of the various and numerous impacts of income inequality. I wonder who you see as the stakeholders in this issue? Obviously people who are struggling economically, but who else would care or be affected? Police? Teachers? Business owners?

    In your self-reflection from Mt. Philo you asked about when we would be choosing groups and topics, officially. That’s something that will happen during the first weekend retreat at the end of Oct. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

    Excited to see how your thinking continues to develop!

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