My Experience with WTS so far

I really enjoyed our small group meetings. I think we made good use of our time and had meaningful conversations. I liked working in a small team because I got to know the people in my group better. Hearing other people’s ideas and what they thought about something was interesting because it gave a me a new perspective and a new way to think about something. We had some technical difficulties in our first meeting but we worked those out.

Some techniques I noticed and I think would be good to use when making a film are:

  • I think showing where the film is taking place in the beginning of the film is helpful. You could do this by showing pictures of the town or the community. By showing where the film is taking place and what the community is like helps bring the film all together.
  • Another technique is focusing on the positive in the film. Instead of just showing the problem show the problem and then what people are doing to help. By showing what people are doing might help inspire others.
  • Showing pictures in the beginning of the film that make people curious on how they connect to the main point of the film is a good technique to use. This will make the person want to keep watching and also wonder what might happen or how the beginning is connected to the whole film.

I am excited to learn more techniques for film making and get to make a film. I am also exited to get to know everybody more!

“Monarch Butterfly cluster” by Yani Dubin is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Ruth Krebs

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