My final reflection

During my time at WTS I have tried new things, worked with a great team, and have grown in so many areas. I think that I have greatly improved my skill set and general knowledge and I especially have grown in the four life long WTS skills.

One of the areas I think that I have improved the most since the start of the year is self-direction. This really changed when my commitment and responsibility in the team increased. I think I started with and kept a good sense of managed and balanced learning as well as the skill to identify and pursue questions throughout the year. However, my initiative and responsibility skills as well as feedback skills have greatly increased since the start of the year. In the beginning, I was reasonably focused and had a certain set of responsibilities, but as time continued I began to slump and fall back on these responsibilities. I definitely was not as committed to my team as I should of been and that is why my feedback skills also went down. However, when my team entered the editing and b-roll stage there was much more I could do, and thus I was a more engaged in the project. My take away from this was that whenever I am doing a team project, I should always find someway to involve myself and help out in my team. This way I will always be an active team member.

In terms of informed and integrative thinking, I think that I have grown significantly but not necessarily in the three aspects we are graded on. WTS has given me an opportunity to challenge myself and to put my informed and integrative thinking skills to the test. Primarily I think that WTS has given me another different scenario that was unique to anything that I had done before where I had to use integrative thinking. however, I cant say that I have improved or decreased my integrated thinking skills. Instead, I think I have widened the applications of my integrated thinking. I now have more practice and I have tried looking at things through multiple viewpoints to convince my groups audience. furthermore WTS has allowed me to analyze the viewpoints of many different people which my group and I had to transform into a message to our audience. I think that WTS certainly has shown me new ways and techniques to apply my integrated thinking.

I  think that Responsible and involved citizenship is another area where I have improved significantly. My improvement in this life long learning skill also correlates to my team involvement especially teamwork. WTS has shown me new ways to propose a positive change and has made me a more active part of our community. Like responsibility, my teamwork skills have also improved, and that I need to make sure I’m always an active part of the team. Through watching our interviews and documentary I now have a greater understanding of how the things that we take for granted are more important to us than it may seem, and that our world is changing, and it is our job to make it change for the better. I think that WTS has been a great outlet to increase my involvement in my community. I think I have improved a lot, in being a better team player and responsible citizen. One lesson that I will take away from WTS is the importance of being an active part of your community, because that is where change starts.

Finally I think that my communication skills have greatly increased. Going into WTS I had not had much experience communicating to teammates that lived all around Vermont. During my time at WTS my team and I had to figure out a system of communication so we could convey what had to be done. I don’t think that I had a huge roll story telling or figuring out the purpose, the audience, and the context. The teammate in charge of our video was more in control of that. I think that active listening was a huge part of WTS whether it was analyzing one of our interviews, or at our team meetings, and listening to feedback when we presented our film at various stages to another team. I think that I have gotten much better at taking feedback and turning it into what needs to be done. I also think that I have better organization than I did when I started WTS. I have a better sense of what needs to be done, and prioritizing my tasks.

I think that I have come a long way since the beginning of the year, and I definitely have seen a big improvement in myself. I will remember what I learned at WTS especial about always finding someway to be a part of the team.

I think that the biggest lesson I have learned this year is to always be prepared and double check to make sure you are prepared. Throughout the year, my team and I made many avoidable mistakes from not being prepared. I have forgotten memory cards, pieces of a tripod, and even the camera. The first time that something like this happened is when one of my teammates used a dead microphone, even when there where batteries in the camera kit. This was a major setback, but not the only one. This year I forgot so many things, and they where not trivial instances. During one of the retreats, my team and I decided that I would take home the camera stand because I was about to get another camera kit for B-Roll. I took home the stand, but my teammate still had the part of the stand that actually attached to the camera. It turns out it was still on the other camera. This meant that neither my team mate or I could use the stand. This is why some of the B-Roll in our film is a little shaky, because I had to take it with me holding the camera. This was a relatively minor problem, but a huge annoyance because I did not see the teammate with the other part of the stand in Pearson until the last retreat where we had to return the equipment. On several occasions when I was trying to get B-roll I forgot some crucial things, like the CAMERA. This happened when I was taking a hike to get B-roll of maple trees. I had grabbed my media kit when the camera was still charging and I did not check to see if had the camera. I walked for a while until I found a tree that I wanted to film. When I opened the media kit, I was shocked to see that I had left the camera at my house. I had to hike back, and by the time I got back, it was getting too dark for filming. Another similar instance was when I was driving with my grandfather to collect B-roll of blown over trees. It took us a while to find a patch of downed trees, and when I got out of the car, and got the camera, I found out that the memory card was still in my computer, and we had to go back home empty handed. Fortunately I learned from my mistakes and did not repeat them. This is also why I think that WTS has greatly improved my organizational skills. My main take away from these stories is to always make sure you have everything before you go and to double check to make sure you have everything. If I had just made the small effort to remember to check my equipment, then I would not have wasted so much time. I will make sure I don’t make the same mistake again whether its making sure I have my homework, or important recording equipment.

Alex Tolgyesi

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