#2: My First Ideas: Mental Health Care, Women’s Rights, Culturally Appropriate Language

Some topics I am interested in are the: access to mental health care and the type of care offered in Vermont and the awareness of this care. I am also interested in Women’s Rights with jobs and wages. In addition, the issue of racism, culturally appropriate terms and language and micro-aggressions, ex. “Oh that’s a really good job for a girl,” is another topic of interest. Bias’s against individuals based on their religion fits under that topic. Political issues around government choices interest me and what different people think about the choices or certain issues (such as the pipeline and how it will effect people and the Vermont economy) is another topic of interest I have, along with how these changes or issues will effect Vermont’s economy. Yet another topic of interest I have is the access to programs for Intellectually Disabled individuals and more so the way in which these people are referred to (Ending the “R” word).

Grace Widelitz

One Response to “#2: My First Ideas: Mental Health Care, Women’s Rights, Culturally Appropriate Language

  • Dear Grace,

    Mental health care, equal pay for women (i.e. wage gap), racism, environmental issues and improving access for intellectually disabled students are all issues that call for social action. As you have realized, the world is full of challenges that require committed individuals to tackle them. Researching any of these topics will broaden your worldview and help you grow as a person and as a member of your community. Since you will need to focus on one topic, reflect and think of what is dear in your heart, where you feel your help is needed the most and where you can have the most impact. Sometimes making a choice is not an easy task, especially when there are so many worthy causes, but deep down inside our heart helps us make a choice.

    Looking forward to see where your reflection takes you,



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