My Learning So Far In What’s The Story

The specific progress I’ve made this year has been dramatically postiveley affected by What's The Story. My skills with Self Direction I can describe and show how I’ve become more skilled at managing my learning in WTS VT. I can also  describe how I will apply the lessons I’ve learned about myself and teamwork to other settings. How I have been with Responsible & Involved Citizenship is I can contribute to the ongoing process of our team making strategic decisions based on our particular purpose and audience. I also  can seek to understand others in ways that respect and engage different perspectives and encourage ongoing dialogue. How I have improved my Clear & Effective Communicationis I cn now   use and adapt these storytelling techniques and devices in my WTS VT writing, film, and presentations to elicit the impact I seek from my particular audience. I can describe and show why and how our team tailored our film, website, and materials to meet the needs of our particular purpose, audience, and context. These are my improvements in these areas.

A specific skill or indicator that I plan to make some progress with between now and our April 4 Saturday Session is heping our team take action and create products that positiveley promote our group to solutions. This will mean I will need to film more B-roll and interviews to put our group on track for April 4th.


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