Dec Retreat: My New Perspective On How To Create Change

This whole program has completely changed my perspective on how to create change. Though every part of Bill and Tim’s teaching was important and meaningful, the part that stuck out the most to me was the brain activity. Even though my brain wasn’t exactly well drawn per say, I think that the whole concept was that you can do anything like draw a brain, but when you are given a picture of a brain and asked to do it again, you will have a different looking brain than the first on you made. I understand now the importance of paying attention and never giving up because you think it is hard, because you can do or complete anything, and you can make mistakes and learn from those mistakes and it doesn’t make you less intelligent it actually helps you in the end. My group and I worked really well and hard, and I am definitely exited for our interviews in the next months/weeks. We have a solid plan and I think that solid plan will guide us in a positive direction. For the next couple of weeks I am planning to complete my weekly goals, contact more people and make arrangements for interviews.

Thanks again Bill and Tim for letting me be a part of such amazing retreats!

Erin Fishell

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