Week 1 Migrant Worker Conflicts/Perspectives

What are the conflicts / different perspectives at play in the story?

I don’t know very much about this topic, and I have not done much research, but my current understanding is:

  • Farmers:
    • Want cheap labor
    • Possible thinking they are helping migrants
    • Supplying migrants with jobs
    • Blackmailing them into playing less than minimum wage
    • Basically being able to not give them full American rights, because they are not American citizens.
  • Migrant Workers:
    • Getting jobs that they might not be able to find anywhere else
    • Lower pay
    • Poor living conditions
    • Very few rights
    • Living in fear of authorities and deportation
  • Activist Groups:
    • Want better lives and more rights for illegals
    • Most prominent  group is Migrant Justice/Milk with Dignity
    • Feel they are not being treated fairly for all the work they are doing
  • Anti Activists/Police/Government
    • These immigrants are here illegally
    • It’s their job to try to keep these immigrants out
    • Take American jobs and have a negative effect on the community
    • They might understand that these immigrants are boosting the economy, but they need to at least try to deport them
    • Do they know that there are so many illegals on dairy farms?
Nigel Wormser

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