#2: Not Committed Yet, Starting to Think About It

Coming here today I was thinking about the Opioid addiction crisis in Vermont and how it is affecting children of parents who are addicted. My other topics I have thought about are Lake Champlain and keeping that a healthy environment, and refugee resettlement in Vermont.  I am open to other ideas, I like the Opioid topic but if I hear something else interesting I might change opinions. I am just worried I won’t find something I am really passionate about.

Petra Kapsalis

2 Responses to “#2: Not Committed Yet, Starting to Think About It

  • Petra,
    I’m Greta and I’m a junior at Middlebury Union HS. I’m paired with you as writing partners.
    All of these topics sound interesting! I’ve also thought about Lake Champlain as a possible topic. My advice would be to go with what you’re most interested in, it sounds like that’s the opioid topic, but don’t commit to it until you hear everyone else’s topics. That’s what I’m planning on doing at least!

    • Greta,
      Thank you for the advice. I am defiantly going to still keep an open mind because I don’t know if there is going to be another topic that comes up that I am going to be really interested in. Though, so far I think that I am going to start looking into the Opiod topic, because it is the one I am most interested in.
      Thanks again for the response I am so glad to be paired with you,

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