Mental Health Combined With Mixed Feelings

Before you go and start reading this, just know I go a little off topic. But this has a meaning and you’ll hopefully understand by the end. So please keep reading until the end. For it won’t make any sense otherwise and you’ll have a distorted view on me in general.



For the past week all I really did was work on our outline, as should be shown below under all the writing. I’m the first to admit. I did barely anything this week. No, wait I take that back. I did nothing because of the holiday and I lost interest. To be more precise, I just got lazy and wanted a break. This is a lot of excuses. But then again everyone has had a point where I’m now at. Now matter how attentive and engrossed you are in something it loses its spark. I worked on the outline around a week ago and for the past couple days it never even crossed my mind to look at the website or even work on the project. I would write some short paragraph to make me seem as if I’m just in a dump. That I can “turn my life around with just a few steps” and I did write it. You can skip over it, but it’s quite amusing.

I’m not giving up! I say this because I usually put stuff off and go do something else, but NO! I took up writing this blog post instead of taking a shower, while it’s still free. Oh great and I’ve now lost my chance to a clean sanitary life. My Mother walked in the bathroom and all hope is lost. It was worth it, though. This project is interesting and inspiring to me. From what others have said, I shouldn’t put this aside and I agree. It’s just my messed up system that has put me in this dilemma. I will fix this is future accounts.

Funny, right? A few words can make everything alright if used in the right context.


The retreat this coming up weekend is something I’m excited for it, but mostly not due to the “no home for a solid two days” part. I’m not home sick, I actually love being away from home. For the last retreat we had a three-day weekend. Meaning I had a day to myself and as not many know I’m introvertedly an extrovert. I talk to people and find their presence fun and exiting and then I need alone time. Away from the world on my own or a few close friends. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the last retreat, if anything I DID enjoy talking and having deep in thought conversations with others. I’m just not interested in talking about super controversial things with someone new and have no earlier experience of what’s a trigger for them or even what’s their overall personality. It’s when I walk through the door this happens and I’m thrown into something. It got super weird and uncomforting really fast. This retreat isn’t on my ‘looking forward to’ list., but it do plan on going.


In this is post I talked very negatively. This is a downside of trying to prove a point. This is the one thing I want to cover in our docudrama. Sometimes the best way to convey your feelings is through different means other than speech. It just doesn’t have to be that one thing. Do whatever makes to most sense and meaning to you. Almost every consoler I’ve ever talked to and others always wants me to talk, never to show another meaning. But it has just now blossomed in the mental health community for people having explain their pain and suffering or joy and excitement through a different form of media. Children draw what they’ve gone through or adults and teens write a story or poem about their mental state. 

For the first paragraph I talk about writing a mini paragraph showing that I’m actually “alright” and I’m just dealing with a mix up right now. This is an example I made to show what someone with mental health illness will go through to cover up for their “mysterious”  behavior. It’s amazing and even amusing how a few words can change how another person views a problem. And these few words can change the course of someone’s life. When your someone dealing with a mental health disorder, at times it would be nice for help and you think you can take it. But I all goes down hill once help actually arrives. It’s scary and new so they just come up with excuse after excuse to make things “okay”. These are some topics I’d like to explore in WtS.



Thank you for reading this post. Sorry if any thing I wrote was offending to anyone.


I sincerely apologize,





!!!!KEEP GOING!!!!



What my team and I’ve been working on
Documentary Outline

Roughly around 15 mins


A shocking/hooking scene of what it’s (for the most part) like to be going through a mental health disorder. [We’ll base the beginning scene off what we’ve gotten in interviews] While having statistics of different challenges they face within social places or any other instances.


Gateway Into Interview-
Have clips from the inside of a car window while driving to add an aesthetic. We’ll start to play music and have intros to what mental health is, the different kinds and how some can be triggered.


Interviews of People Dealing With Mental Health Related issues-
We’ll ask them the question and show the person at first, but as they start describing their answer the screen will change to a scene of the actors acting what the person is describing with their (the person we’re interviewing) voice over.


Talk about negative influences that language has on deterring the mental health community. How can we fix this? And how can you?


Interviews with HealthCare Providers/professionals-
Ask the interview questions that were brainstormed. Have a display over the screen explaining what their talking about.


How Mental Health Issues are Provoked-
Mental health isn’t just centered around one thing. Talk about how mental health is a large spectrum of different certainties. Talk about how people hide mental health or generally ignore it. Show different ways of getting help and how you (the viewers) can help


Interviews With Strangers-
Ask the questions and show the different results from the surveys.


Finish with a nice resolution for the character in the docu-drama


For this following week I’ll add whatever that pops into my mind. So any questions I may come up with and if I find any people qualified to maybe interview. My team, in general has to work on communication in the next retreat this weekend. We should also add a new label for mental health as other teams been doing for their groups. It would help to improve our focus and help us to write more, probably.





Rex Ross

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