Nov Retreat- A Little Less Intimidated By Everyone Here

Over the course of this weekend many things have happened. From meeting new people and having the time of my life to staying away for a bit and chilling on my own. I’ve learned many things from just the different conversations that I either over heard or had been apart of. Now I know different while partially understanding people’s views and most importantly what my new team thinks.

I came here thinking I would have to join someone else for a main topic. I didn’t really think people were as interested as I am, but i was proven wrong. Our team consists of 4 including our mentor Ella. Everyone is helpful and the ideas that came out of us brainstorming is stuff that I would’ve never thought about in a million years. We talked from how we’re going to broadcast mental health and what are the questions we’re going to be asking people we’re interviewing. We even got around to planning mini meetups and having a designated time for Skype calls. I feel as if the team I’m in can really get things done and I can’t wait to indulge more into Mental Health related issues. We don’t have a group name so I’m hoping in the future we can develop one soon. Until next meetup I’ll be working on getting people to interview, making some questions, and hopefully keeping up with the blog posts.

The times at breakfast, lunch, and dinner I say would have to be the most difficult and interesting times this two day period. I enjoyed when we got to talk to our team mates or someone sitting near us. Don’t get me wrong the conversations in there were amazing and I learned a few new things about people and even some of my close friends, but I think it was more relaxing when I was with the people I new from my school or having a text conversation with my Dad or friends. I like the idea of talking with people, but i could never really connect and it wasn’t from me sticking my nose in my phone all day (Yes I know it sounds weird) it was more of a “I’ve tried talking to you, but can’t get anything out of you except small talk or just a few sentences of uninteresting blab.” Also I’m for blame as well. I wanted to talk to new people, but then freeze up or they’d walk out of the area and disappear into the forever dark abyss of socialness. I think on Dec 3 I’ll try to be a little less intimidated by everyone here and at least work on my social skills as a human.

For my pitch I felt as if I couldn’t explain or even get out the logistics of what I meant of “How social media affects mental health,” because of how scared and nervous I was. I wish we did it a little later, but I realized that it would’ve taken the rest of the day including right now. So I don’t really know what to do about it. I’ve gotten in a really good group with an awesome topic that I’m pumped for, but I just was interested in social media aspect. I don’t really want to switch around the groups now especially because I’m in depth with just mental health as whole now with my group. I just felt my pitch wasn’t the best I could make it and in the future I’m going to bring up notes and trying to take my time.

Rex Ross

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