Nov Retreat: over the fence for a new topic

The story of my weekend during this November retreat is one of work and production. After arriving on Saturday morning we started getting ready to pitch each of our individual topics to the group. I participated in this activity with those that I was paired with and we were able to pair similar topics together into the order we thought was the most logical. Lunch was the next item on our agenda and we listened to Nadia as she talked about social change. Following this, we then finished making our pitches. This took much of the day to accomplish and by the time we got to my presentation I think the majority of us wanted to move on. I tried to keep my presentation short and I feel like I achieved that very well. I came into this year’s cohort without serious dedication to a topic because I wanted to be able to keep an open mind and find a topic that felt right to me. I moved toward the migrant worker’s group, as I expected that I would, and the four of us, with Brad as our mentor, began the process of narrowing our focus. Lacking a cool name for our newly founded group we still surged forward into planning the next few weeks.

Our plan is to address the guiding questions, one each week, over the next four weeks. We have a google hangout scheduled for every Friday. During this time we are going to be talking about what we each have done individually on each question. Also, we are going to have one person each week summarize our work and write a blog post for our group. This work should land us ready to go for our December retreat.

Brennan Bordonaro

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