NOV. Retreat: Put It On The Back Burner

Yesterday we all walked into the What’s the Story? retreat worried about how this would play out. Most of us hadn’t ever been to this strange and cool Eco-lodge in the middle of nowhere and there was a nervous buzz about the pitch we all had to present.

Though after everything was said and done the presentations became distant in our minds and we now had to face the challenge of actually grouping into teams.

This seemed more daunting than standing and pitching our topics we painstakingly researched for weeks. This felt more like separating a batch of marbles on a blanket into smaller pairings using only the corners of the blanket. Everyone had a topic in mind but rolled in many directions before bumping into their decided clusters.

To me this tasked at first sounded fairly fluid. I had the topic nutrition so surely I’d find a group to merge into quickly and effortlessly. After all, nutrition related to most everything right? Nope, nope, and no. Hilariously I ended up being the last person to settle into place.

The journey was an epic one. I went from feeling pretty awesome and as if everything would fall seamlessly together to “Well, now what am I going to do?”. I can tell you that at that moment, in this epic tale of finding the topic I wanted to pursue, that misguided confidence is called hubris. The more ya know.

Anyways, so, there I was, my hubris shot out of sky and falling rapidly into an inner monologue of apathetic philosophy, when I decided it was best to play 1010 and drink tea.

So I did.

Sometime at 11 pm it was lights out for everyone and we all went to our lodges. Shortly after I fell asleep unable to fight off the crazy sleep goblins nibbling at my conscientiousness.

When I woke up however I felt much better. From this experience I’ve realized I get cranky without enough rest. And then eventually when breakfast was properly consumed we headed out to the dinning hall and after a brief discussion where Mr. O’Leary pointed out someone had kept their topic of animal cruelty it instantly clicked that that was something I could heartily become a part of.

I mean, I’m vegan. It’s in my nature. XD

Now I’m in a group of two with Lena about animal cruelty. There’s more to it, but I’ll get back to that in later posts. It’s pretty awesome and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

I have to go since it’s now 2 but as for nutrition I’ll never fully let it go, but I’ll put it on the back burner and let it simmer.

Keira Thorpe

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