November Retreat: A Working Sleepover

The retreat began promptly at 9 AM last Saturday in the parking lot of Middlebury Union High School. I was carpooling with four other WTS students, each of whom were at least a foot taller than me.

When we got there, we went to the dining hall and presented our pitches. The process took about three hours. We had a delicious lunch of sandwiches and then got to work again in the dining hall. We had about 30 minutes of free time before dinner, which was very good but unfortunately I cannot remember what it was!

After dinner we got accommodated in our assigned rooms and had down time until 11:00, the curfew (I thought it was really late).

Breakfast was at 8:00. I cannot remember what that was, either, but it was delicious. After that, we did more work regarding our groups, had lunch, and left.

It was a very fun weekend.

Zachariah Burrows

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